Birth & Fresh 48

Birth Photography

Documenting your journey into parenthood through intimate and emotive photography. 

Birth package: $2000
  • Your labour and birth captured in full
  • On-call 24/7 from 37 weeks until baby arrives
  • Backup photographer supplied if required
  • Up to 2 hours after baby arrives
  • Sneak peek sent within 24 hours for birth announcements
  • All edited images

Earthside package: $3000
  • Includes maternity session, full birth coverage and a newborn session (between 0-8 weeks)

Fresh 48: $400
  • The first few hours of your baby's life captured
  • Either in hospital or at home
  • 20+ images


We were fortunate enough to have Anna as our maternity and birth photographer this year. She has a wonderful eye for candidness and I truly believe as she grows in this business, she has the potential to produce award winning photography. 

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What clients are saying

How do I pay?
I take a $100 non-refundable deposit. The remainder is paid after the birth, broken into instalments. 

How do I receive my photos?
I will send you around 5 sneak peek images in the 24 hours after the birth. You'll receive your full gallery a couple of weeks later in a private online gallery. Usually there are a couple of hundred photos - but of course it depends how long your labour is!

Do you have to share my photos on Instagram?
No! I will only share images from your birth if you have explicitly said that I can. 

What does being 'on-call' actually mean?
My phone will be on, 24/7, ready to receive the call that you've gone into labour. Batteries charged and bags packed just in case baby wants to arrive at 3am!

What if you can't make it to the birth in time?
Sometimes babies come quickly - and there's not a lot we can do about it! Be sure to keep me in the loop from the very beginning. That way I won't be shocked that you're in active labour and I have an hour to get to the hospital! If I happen to miss the actual birth, I'll get there as soon as I can and capture the first few hours of your baby's life. If I can't make it to the hospital (or your home) and miss it completely, I will alter you invoice accordingly. 

Do you use flash?
No, just natural light. I will bring it just in case it's reallllllly dark.


Custom Heirlooms

This album is made to last. Choose your size, cover and embossing and I'll do the rest. Prices start at $650 for a 6x8" book.