Hey! I'm Anna.

I LOVE looking through old photo albums of me as a child. I was lucky that my mum took plenty of photos and documented them neatly in chronological albums. Having that tangible, visual documentation of my earlier years is so precious. So many memories lie in those albums! These days it’s so easy to take thousands of mediocre photos on your phone that get lost in the ether. But telling your family’s story through beautiful photos? Timeless.

Growing up a career as a photographer wasn’t on my radar. I had just finished a bachelor degree in nutrition and was just about to start a masters… a very different trajectory! Photography had always been a hobby - sure, I was good at it and won some awards in my teens but it’s not a viable career, right?

I found myself in an Instagram scroll-hole, deep diving the Australian family, newborn and wedding photography scene. This was the moment I realised that I could make art while documenting the lives of everyday Australians. Art that can line their walls and evoke memories and emotions from specific time periods. I was seeing for the first time that I could take my photography further than just my own travel snaps. 

I’m not one to do anything by halves. Before I knew it I had bought a second hand camera and was lining up photoshoots to practice. At this point I was nannying part-time - I’ve always had an affinity to young children. Before moving to Canberra I spent most of my time looking after two gorgeous 18 month olds. Hence why family and newborn photography seemed such a natural path to follow. 

Whether you're after an intimate family shoot in your home, an extended family gathering in the park or a session with your precious new baby... I'm here for it all! 

I love meeting new people so if you’re after some photos or just want to chat, find me on Instagram @annadewar.

Bilby (joined our family in Nov 2021, all the way from Thursday Island, FNQ)

That's me!

Me circa 1999. Who wouldn't want to preserve this outfit on film?

Me circa 1999. Who wouldn't want to preserve this outfit on film?

Chefchaouen, Morocco - a photographer's dream!

What to Expect






Fill out my contact form and let me know your preferred session date and location! I'll email you my price guide.

We'll find a date for your shoot. Pay a deposit to secure your booking. I'll email you a location & style guide to help with the finer details, as well as a questionnaire to answer.

All you have to do is show up and be yourself!

I'll send you your final gallery 2-3 weeks after your shoot date. Choose your photos - I'll then send them to you in high-res. Download, back-up and share with friends and family!

Select photos for printing (Signature & Ultimate packages). You'll receive your box of goodies 2-4 weeks after you make your selection. You can always order extra prints - just let me know!


Let me know what you think of your photos! Leave me a Google review and tag me in your socials.

d. All of them!

c. Alone Australia

b. Fleabag

a. The Great British Bake Off

01. What am I watching?

My Quiz Results

02. Favorite drink?

a. Green tea

b. Kombucha

c. Gin & tonic

d. Coffee

03. Take me back to...

a. Iceland

b. New York

c. Bali

d. Greece

04. If you could go back in time what would you change? 

Less worrying. More chilling.

05. What does my ideal Sunday look like?

a. Sleeping

b. Walking the dog

06. Go-to comfort food?

a. Croissant

b. Sushi

c. Chippies

d. Chocolate

c. Gardening

d. All of the above